Lost Trail Skiesta 2016

Another great day on the slopes with my brother Mike! Although the snow was all sticky mashed potatoes, there’s never a bad day on skis!

My Netflix binges

Here’s a list and brief synopsis of all of the shows I have currently binge-watched on Netflix. If for no other reason, it’s just a log for my own records. Enjoy!

Back at it!

I want to share some of the amazing adventures I’ve had over the years, the best being the last seven with my beautiful “wife on the way” (my fiance). Here’s some photos from a recent sunset flight out of Troutdale, Oregon.

20 months straight skiing

July marks 20 months of skiing in a row! It was far from easy this year, and the next two months will be even harder, both in terms of motivation and in lack of snow.


Check out this WOLVERINE I saw while backcountry skiing!!


This where I lived for four years, 2008-2012, published by OPB. Check it out!