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My Netflix binges

Here’s a list and brief synopsis of all of the shows I have currently binge-watched on Netflix. If for no other reason, it’s just a log for my own records. Enjoy!


Katt visits Astoria and Ptown, April 2013

Katt visited me in Portland back in April – it had been a few months since we’d seen each other, and we made the most of it – We managed to climb Silver Star Mountain (awesome!), visit her parents, visit the boys in Astoria, have a beer at Fort George …

Why I love Craigslist

Sure, lots of deals to be had, but it is posts like this one that really make it an entertainment venue! I found this in the free ads – a guy giving away TWO “Fat Tire” beers that were left in his fridge by a couch-surfer, and an offer for …

People are stupid, Part 1

Sometimes I think people are ridiculous! Take this for instance – why in the world are these things called “ski masks”? I’ve been skiing for 14 years and I’ve NEVER seen a skier wearing one. Balaclavas, sure, but not one of these. We need a paradigm shift – here’s my …

Secret Campground

Funny Signs, Part 1

Over the years I’ve come across quite a few signs that make me laugh. I was cleaning up my photo files today and ran across a folder with a few of them. As such, I thought I’d go ahead and make a “Signs” category on my blog, and start posting …

Katt McClaine and Daryl Greaser at Lost Trail Pass

Occasional Annual Letter – 2012

2012 was certainly a year of change, to put it mildly. I left my job in Astoria in January, Katt and I moved to Montana, and I’m still on the longest vacation of my life. For a detailed look at our activities, check out Katt’s blog: Instead of a …

The Wilma Missoula does not cater to the handicapped

My first FAIL post

I had to share this – this is a sign that was put up on the bathrooms at The Wilma theater in Missoula. Mind you, these are the only bathrooms on the main floor. Not only is there not a ADA compliant (lever) door knob that handicapped people can use, …

caverpilot © Daryl Greaser 2012

Good reasons to come to Montana!

For those of you deliberating about visiting Montana, here, in aerial HD, is a short video by Skyworks that showcases the state’s beauty. WOW! Be sure to share this link with your friends, and make your travel plans now! Besides, there’s a couch with your name on it in Missoula!