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Personality Test

This is a personality test that a friend had to take for a manager’s meeting. It is really interesting, check it out!! Personality Test

Benford’s Law

Benford’s Law is a mathematical equation that predicts numbers that occur in any sequence will start with a 1 (one) 30% of the time, and a 9 (nine) only 4% of the time! Check it out! Benford’s Law – Wikipedia That’s how people can audit and spot “cooked books” in …

Hookworms cure allergies

I heard a story on OPB awhile back. It was about Jasper Lawrence, a man who discovered that people in third-world countries seldom suffer from allergies and auto-immune disorders, as compared to Americans. He traveled to West Africa and purposely infected himself with parasites…. hookworms. His allergies, once bad enough …