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My Netflix binges

Here’s a list and brief synopsis of all of the shows I have currently binge-watched on Netflix. If for no other reason, it’s just a log for my own records. Enjoy!

On our return flight from Hot Springs we witnessed an awesome sunset. Copyright Katt McClaine

Another flying milestone

On our “Superbowl Sunday,” Katt and I flew over to Hot Springs, Montana and enjoyed a couple hours of soaking at Symes Hot Springs. It was wonderful! The tiny Hot Springs airport has a courtesy car! Sweet! In the process, I finished my first log book after almost 12 years …

Pilot and Co-pilot

Flying from Missoula to Hot Springs, almost

  On October 2nd, Katt and I decided to fly the Cessna 152 up to Hot Springs, Montana to spend the day soaking and relaxing. Renting an airplane is as easy as renting a car, especially if you’re already “checked out” at the FBO (Field-based Operation) and have all the …


Seattle seaplane lesson June 2011

In June 2011, Katt and I decided to treat ourselves to a mutual birthday present, that came in the form of a seaplane lesson at Seattle Seaplanes on Lake Union. Bob, our instructor, was very friendly and informative. He didn’t even throw me in the lake! Seriously, though, he was …

2012 Missoula Ski and Snowboard Movie Tour

Here’s this year’s “ski porn” movie calendar in Missoula, Montana! Details, movie trailers and links below! 18 September 2012 – Poor Boyz Productions – WE: A Collection of Individuals – The Wilma 18 September 2012– Stept Productions – The Eighty Six – The Wilma 28 Sept 2012 – Toy Soldier …