Daryl Greaser rappels into Whitaker's Sink

Rappelling into Whitaker’s Sink – Photo (c) Mike McDaniel

I’ve been going to caves since as long as I can remember. My dad took my brothers and me into caves when we were kids, we went caving when we were teenagers, and we continued caving as adults in Missouri and Montana.

Every summer for the last 10 years I have leading caving expeditions into the wilderness areas of Montana, discovering new caves and mapping them. I’m a founding member of the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto, a member of the Caves of Montana Project, National Speleological Society, and an officer for the Alpine Karst Foundation. I’m a past editor of Chouteau Grotto’s Foresight, NRMGs NRMG Newsletter, and current editor of the Alpine Karst Journal.

Needless to say (I love that phrase), I’m into caving! As they say, the only frontier accessible to us “mere mortals” is underground…since outer space and undersea exploration is ridiculously prohibitive.

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