2013 Scapegoat Expedition

Over the last 11 years I have been leading caving expeditions into the Scapegoat Wilderness of Montana, part of the 2.5-million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Scapegoat is a massive caving area, with dozens of bona fide caves and thousands of karst features. This year, myself, Brian Gindling, Kathryn McClaine, and possibly a few others will return to the ‘goat to push cliff-side leads, explore virgin pits on the plateau, and probe into the underground river of the Scapegoat Cave System.

Our approach hike is about 15 miles, with our base camp situated at 6800 feet MSL. Scapegoat is truly alpine caving at its best, replete with pits, river caves, waterfalls, cliff-side entrances, and more. The ‘goat is truly my favorite area in the “Bob.” I can’t wait!!! Here’s a link to the expedition announcement on the grotto website (same photographs): http://nrmg.cavesofmontana.org/2013/07/2013-scapegoat-expedition/

Since I’m pretty lean on posting caving stories, I thought I would at least entice you with a few photographs, and a promise to report on our findings here in the near future. Check out these photographs!!

Joe Oliphant checks water depth in the Scapegoat Cave System, Copyright Marc Pederson

Cavers in typical canyon passage of the Kathy's Icebox section of the Scapegoat Cave System, Copyright Mike McEachern

Drop before the longest swim in the cave, Scapegoat Cave System, Copyright Marc Pederson

Brian checking one of innumerable leads, Scapegoat Wilderness, Montana, Copyright Daryl Greaser

Click on the thumbnails to read the captions!

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