Montana Manifesto

We have ridiculously ambitious plans for 2012:

Christmas Day 2011

Winter – Spring
100 days of backcountry Skiing! (to qualify for official ski bum status)
Wisherd Ridge, Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake Wilderness Tour
9 mile tour
Sonielem Ridge, Missions
Bitterroot Bonanza, El Capitan
10 days at Lost Trail
Scapegoat Skilunking
Hot Springs, Stanley, Goldbug
Rock Climbing, Lolo, Bitterroots
Bat monitoring for WNS

Summer – Fall
Mt. Rainier! Mt. Adams!
Astoria visit, teach classes
North Trapper Peak, Bitterroots
Canyon Peak, North Ridge, Bitterroots
Glacier Tour, Missions
Scapegoat Caving Expedition
School Starts, August 21st!

Shoshone Spire, Blodgett Canyon (Bitterroots) summer
Gray Wolf (Missions – West Coulior Snow climb)
Granite Peak (Montana’s highest in the Absaroka Range) summer

Carpe Diem!

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