Craigslist scores

I love Craigslist! Missoula’s CL is especially robust – there’s dozens of free listings every day, for instance. Katt and I found a one-month apartment sublease this spring for $200 on CL.

Check it out:

Today I took the U-haul back to Gilly’s and rode my bike back home under extremely smoky skies – I could barely see Mt. Sentinel from the middle of town! On the other hand, we now have a living room and are finally, finally, home!! More to come!

Now that we’re moved in, the leaves are changing

Here’s what I’ve scored in the last week!

Katt and I have a manual push mower we’re using, so I’m going to spiff this mower up and sell it as soon as the grass comes up in the spring… on Craigslist!

FREE mower!!

$30 Skilsaw! This had been only used twice; now I can make my workbench!

Made in the USA!

I was looking for a cheap, sturdy desk for my computer and found two of these folding tables.

$20 for two sturdy folding tables!

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