Life in the Zoo! (Missoula!)

Another great day on the trail!

Well, finally, I’ve done it! No, not just FINALLY update my blog, but I became not homeless! Katt and I now have a funkly little two-bedroom house with a big yard in Missoula, and we love it! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to be settled, finally! Katt is working at The Trailhead making coffee and helping out with apparel and such. She loves her job and I can see why… the benefits are awesome (free ski, kayak, climbing rentals!) and the people are great!

Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 8) I fly back to Portland to do some visiting and to U-haul our furniture back to Missoula next week. We have had it stored in Katt’s parents basement since January, and other than our garage sale in July, we haven’t touched it.

Katt is taking dance classes and will start full-time school in January! I am looking for part-time work and have been researching business opportunities, especially since Montana is such a frontier for innovation. In the meantime I have a contract with the US Forest Service to do bat surveys (datalogger deployment, soil samples, etc) in November, and I’ll take a temporary echo assignment if I have to!

Today I picked up a lawn mower in a nice neighborhood that I found in the free ads on Craigslist, which I managed to get running in about five minutes… so I’ll be selling it in the spring!! (free money = yay!) I’m always amazed at what people throw away. It looks like they never cleaned the air filter. More ranting on that subject to come as well!

Three Fingered Jack, Washington Cascades, August 2012


Yesterday I finally organized all my photos from this year! I’ve found a good photo browser plugin for my site that I tested quite a bit this evening, so I expect you will be seeing my photos and hearing my stories from 2012 and beyond, as I catch everyone up on what has been the best year of my life!! Stories to come!! I mean it!!


Unbelievable morning in Glacier National Park


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