Lost Gear List

The other day I got to thinking, “how much gear have I lost over the years?” Some of us can recall that movie or CD that somehow turns up missing, after you haven’t thought about it for a year or more. Did you loan it to someone and then forget everytime you go to their house? Who knows. Somewhere, all of this gear exists, although most of it is probably laying in isolation. If I’ve learned anything, it is to never, ever put anything on top of your car! You will forget it! The only thing that can reliably be placed on top is the keys! (The hood is a much better option!)

Therefore, I will create my lost gear list:

September 1995 (trip to American West)
Fleece draw-top hat, swiss army knife, 4 $50 bills.

Weir Hot Springs (left on top of car)
Pouch with Leatherman, Slope Meter, Compass, first-aid kit

East St. Mary’s Peak
Black Diamond Ice Axe (fell off pack somewhere)

Mountain Hardware Dome Perigon Hat (x 2!)
First lost and replaced in Denver, second lost in Montana!

Last seen: Gearhart, Oregon
MSR Highcountry 72 sleeping pad (they don’t make them anymore!!)

Last seen: Montana garage?
Two MSR Pickets – these were lost while moving – where did I leave ’em??

This is an ongoing list. I’ve lost a LOT more gear!

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