Craftsman Wrench Set – Made in the USA

Made in the USA Craftsman wrench set

Some of the simple (mostly plastic-free) Craftsman tools are still Made in the USA, like this set of SAE (Standard) combination wrenches. These have a lifetime warranty and are available at Sears and other retailers. Sadly, all of the “fancy” tools, like those with incorporated ratchets, were made in China. Since my mantra is “anywhere but China,” I’ll never buy one of those tools. Sure, Craftsman used to stand for American quality, and it partially still does, but the name is part of a corporate conglomerate that has permeated much of the world. Fortunately, the tools appear to be of quality construction.

Some of the Craftsman tools still made in the USA are adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, nut drivers, and at the time of this original post in 2012, these simple mechanics wrenches. However, upon a visit to Sears in 2014, all of the wrenches seen here are now made in China. They finally took down the ridiculous “Made in the USA” banner, under which were products made anywhere but here in ‘merica.

This post is part one of a multi-part series on Made in the USA products that we own. Whenever possible, Katt and I only purchase Made in the USA products, or, at least, “anywhere but China.” We hope you will follow our example, and encourage you to leave comments about your own Made in the USA products!

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