20 months straight skiing

Although it looks like late September in the mountains, I still managed to convince myself to head up to Mount Hood and get my July turns in. Never a bad day skiing, I had to hike for an hour before I hit the snowline, and then another 40 minutes above it to get to the top of what’s left of the Palmer “Glacier.”

2 minutes of skiing. It was incredible as usual. I’m hoping I can get August and September in, it’s going to be rough! Here’s a couple photos!


Two minutes of bliss! Skiing is my favorite outdoor activity.



Ski naked!



Sunset on the Hood



Shadow of the mountain on the left, Mt. Jefferson on the horizon.



20 months straight! 100 minutes of climbing for 2 minutes of skiing!



east / west pano from the top of the Palmer



Poor, lonely sno-cat. The dirty run out ends right behind this machine.



Dismal snow conditions didn’t deter me; never a bad day on skis!


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