My First Year-long streak!!

12 months of skiing in a ROW! Turns ALL Year!

Month 1 – January 2014, Mount St. Helens, Washington

Not much snow to be found on our annual “Ride-N” the New Year’s trip, another return to Mt. St. Helens. We skied the parking lot and called it good.

4th Annual Ride-N the New Year, dismal snow conditions on Mt. St. Helens, 1 Jan 2014

Katt shows how it’s done! -Mt. St. Helens, 1 Jan 2014

However, that didn’t really count, so we went back up on the 5th, hiking all the way to Chocolate Falls before any real snow coverage.

Mt St Helens skiing

This is one of my favorites of Katt, 5 January 2014

snow on mt st helens january 2014

Watch me straddle a tree! Mt. St. Helens, 5 January 2014

Month 2 – February 2014, Mount Hood, Oregon

We finally got some powder! Slaying the silky smooth slopes!

skiing powder mount hood meadows

powDAH! -Mount Hood Meadows February 2014



Month 3 -March 2014, Oregon and Montana

March was a really exciting month! First, I got to finally go snow riding with my friend Chandler Johnson from Astoria. He’s a life-long skateboarder and took to the slopes like a fish to water!

My good friend Chandler's very first day on a snowboard at Mount Hood Meadows, March 2014

Chad and I at Mount Hood Meadows, March 2014

Then, an amazing thing happened- SO much snow in Missoula I got to realize a 15-year-long dream to ski Mount Sentinel which is right in Missoula. We ended up skiing the back side of the mountain down to Pattee Canyon, since a week before an extremely rare in-town avalanche on Mount Jumbo killed a woman inside her house. This is not a typical problem in Montana! So, the frontside of the mountain facing town was closed. STILL amazing!!! In-town skiing!!

skiing mount sentinel missoula montana march 2014

POW POW!! Gnarsquatch films and slays simultaneous! March 2014

skiing mount sentinel missoula montana march 2014

Backyard GNAR!

Month 4 – April 2014, Mount Hood, Oregon

Nothing exciting happened in April, just some trips to Portland’s favorite ski hill. Yeah, over 40 and still hitting jumps!

Sometimes, I jib.

Sometimes, I jib.

Oh yeah, and sometimes, I go really fast! 59 mph on skis!!

59 mph on skis!

59 mph on skis!

Month 5 – May 2014, Washington and Montana

May was an amazing month of skiing. A couple different trips to Missoula, and the first time ever skinning with my brother. No, not a typo – skinning is skiing uphill! My brother and I have been backcountry skiing for over 14 years but this was the first time he got to go uphill on his skis!

Skinning with Mike and the 'squatch

Skinning with Mike and the ‘squatch

Then Katt, Johnny and I did a trip up to Carlton Lake below Lolo Peak. Another great weekend in the mountains, next time I’ll decide to wear something other than a BLACK shirt and bandana! HOT!

skinning skiing lolo peak carlton ridge montana bitterroot

Skinning up Carlton Ridge near Missoula, May 2014

Month 6 – June 2014, Mount Hood, Oregon

The last time I stood on the summit of Mt. Hood was in 2003! I took my birthday off work and somehow made it to the summit with my skis on a spectacular day! Skiing above the crater was scary, a fall may have ended up in the fumaroles!

ski mount hood summit june 2014

No-fall zone on Mount Hood, 4 June 2014

42nd birthday, summit of Hood!

42nd birthday, summit of Hood!

Later in the month Katt and I skinned up to the crater and skied perfect corn on the Palmer.

skiing mount hood june 2014 palmer snowfield oregon


How could you not love this girl!?

Definition: DREAM GIRL!!

Month 7 – July 2014, Mount Hood, Oregon

What does one do on the hottest day of the year? Go SKIING!!!

What does one do during a 97-degree day in Portland? GO SKIING! Cruising the Palmer at Sunset, Timberline, July 2014

Cruising the Palmer at Sunset, Timberline, July 2014

For P-town, this is HOT!!!

For P-town, this is HOT!!!

skiing in shorts

Shorts? Check!

Month 8 – August 2014, Mount Adams, Washington, Piker’s Peak

Now comes the hard part for those of us living in the lower 48 states, skiing in August! So I decided on Adams and wasn’t disappointed, although I had to carry my skis to the base of the Crescent Glacier before snow appeared. Initially I had planned to go to the lunch counter, but the face above looked good, so…

Skiing the face above the lunch counter at sunset, 3 August 2014

Skiing the face above the lunch counter at sunset, 3 August 2014

This marked my first time skiing in August!

Shorts, check! Mt. Adams, August 2014.

Shorts, check! Mt. Adams, August 2014.

Month 9 – September, Mount Hood, Oregon, Cooper’s Spur

I had waited months for the Cooper’s Spur road to re-open following a fire, and man I wasn’t disappointed- you get up close and personal on Hood’s north side! A must see!
This trip filled in the last blank on my list – skiing in September. If I thought August was hard, oh my God September is way worse! They call them suncups, but they were more like bathtubs!

September stands for suncups!

September stands for suncups!

Shorts, check!

Shorts, check!

Month 10 – October 2014, Mount Rainier, Washington

My second time skiing in October, and this couldn’t be beat – driving up through the rain, into the powder, and finding the gate to Paradise (literally) left mistakenly open, forging a path through the foot-deep powder! Hard to top!

paradise washington mt rainier unplowed road

RARE scene – unplowed road to Paradise!

My lightweight gloves weren’t doing the trick so I did something I learned from reading Maurice Herzog’s Annapurna– use socks on your hands! Turns out they were way warmer than my gloves!

skiing in socks

Sick powder socks!

Month 11 – November 2014, Lolo Pass, Montana/Idaho border

Finally getting some turns back in the homeland, Gnarsquatch (Nick Worden) and I got a quick lap in at the pass before returning to a blow-out Montana Grizzlies game in a blizzard!

daryl greaser lolo pass skiing turns all year

Sick November POW – look how silky smooth it is!

Month 12! – December 2014, Mount Hood, Oregon
Katt comes to Portland on winter break, and we get some awesome conditions on Hood –

12 months straight!!!

12 months straight!!! I did it! Year two, here we come!

Katt skis into the sunset. One year in the bag!

Katt skis into the sunset. One year in the bag!

If you haven’t read it, here’s my first attempt, 10-months straight: 1st attempt at Turn All Year

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