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Flying – Ned conquers his fear of flying!

Yesterday Ned and I flew around the hood in a Cessna 172 – I practiced some landings and we did some sight-seeing, but most importantly, about 90 minutes into the flight, Ned told me he was terrified of flying!! So here’s what happened…

Final Approach, Runway 18 Polson (8S1)

I took my friend Marcys flying a couple years back. Here is the video she shot of me landing Runway 18 in Polson, Montana. I love this sunset approach since it is over Flathead Lake, and there’s a bar and a road to cross just before the runway threshold. I’ve …

Flying Montana – Rattlesnake Wilderness

Here’s a couple videos of flying Montana’s Rattlesnake Wilderness, just north of Missoula. To the north, the majestic Mission mountains can be seen, as well as large inversion layer/ undercast. Flying past the north face of Stuart Peak, an excellent backcountry ski destination: