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Back at it!

I want to share some of the amazing adventures I’ve had over the years, the best being the last seven with my beautiful “wife on the way” (my fiance). Here’s some photos from a recent sunset flight out of Troutdale, Oregon.

Flying – Ned conquers his fear of flying!

Yesterday Ned and I flew around the hood in a Cessna 172 – I practiced some landings and we did some sight-seeing, but most importantly, about 90 minutes into the flight, Ned told me he was terrified of flying!! So here’s what happened…

On our return flight from Hot Springs we witnessed an awesome sunset. Copyright Katt McClaine

Another flying milestone

On our “Superbowl Sunday,” Katt and I flew over to Hot Springs, Montana and enjoyed a couple hours of soaking at Symes Hot Springs. It was wonderful! The tiny Hot Springs airport has a courtesy car! Sweet! In the process, I finished my first log book after almost 12 years …

Comparison of weight versus density altitude - temperature - in a Cessna 182 Turbo's takeoff performance - Copyright Daryl Greaser

Weight versus Density Altitude

Recently I had my Biennial Flight Review (BFR) at Minuteman Jet Center in Missoula, Montana. I’ve been flying for 11 years, and yet Art always has something new and great to teach me. (A good pilot is always learning! – If you need a BFR in Missoula, call Minuteman!) This flight was …

Comparison of weight versus density altitude - temperature - in a Cessna 182 Turbo's takeoff performance - Copyright Daryl Greaser

Crash Analysis 2012

Here’s an impressive GoPro video that shows a plane crash from inside the cockpit (Don’t worry, no one dies; the plane takes the worst hit). It finely illustrates what happens when one combines a heavy aircraft with “Get-home-itis.” Watch the video, and then read my amateur accident analysis. This occurred …

Pilot and Co-pilot

Flying from Missoula to Hot Springs, almost

  On October 2nd, Katt and I decided to fly the Cessna 152 up to Hot Springs, Montana to spend the day soaking and relaxing. Renting an airplane is as easy as renting a car, especially if you’re already “checked out” at the FBO (Field-based Operation) and have all the …


Seattle seaplane lesson June 2011

In June 2011, Katt and I decided to treat ourselves to a mutual birthday present, that came in the form of a seaplane lesson at Seattle Seaplanes on Lake Union. Bob, our instructor, was very friendly and informative. He didn’t even throw me in the lake! Seriously, though, he was …

caverpilot © Daryl Greaser 2012

Good reasons to come to Montana!

For those of you deliberating about visiting Montana, here, in aerial HD, is a short video by Skyworks that showcases the state’s beauty. WOW! Be sure to share this link with your friends, and make your travel plans now! Besides, there’s a couch with your name on it in Missoula!