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On our return flight from Hot Springs we witnessed an awesome sunset. Copyright Katt McClaine

Another flying milestone

On our “Superbowl Sunday,” Katt and I flew over to Hot Springs, Montana and enjoyed a couple hours of soaking at Symes Hot Springs. It was wonderful! The tiny Hot Springs airport has a courtesy car! Sweet! In the process, I finished my first log book after almost 12 years …


2012 Skiing Recap

January We started 2012 with our 2nd annual “Ride-N The New Year” tradition, which is our attempt at skiing or riding (snowboarding) in the New Year, instead of partying like most folks do. This year (not 2013!) we camped for a few days up on Mt. St. Helens, where we …

Katt McClaine and Daryl Greaser at Lost Trail Pass

Occasional Annual Letter – 2012

2012 was certainly a year of change, to put it mildly. I left my job in Astoria in January, Katt and I moved to Montana, and I’m still on the longest vacation of my life. For a detailed look at our activities, check out Katt’s blog: Instead of a …

The Wilma Missoula does not cater to the handicapped

My first FAIL post

I had to share this – this is a sign that was put up on the bathrooms at The Wilma theater in Missoula. Mind you, these are the only bathrooms on the main floor. Not only is there not a ADA compliant (lever) door knob that handicapped people can use, …


Welcome to the Skison!

Katt just posted a couple trip reports on her blog! We’ve been skiing several times so far, and here are links to her stories! Here’s our trip to Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Area: Here’s our recent “backcountry” pre-season ski trip to Lost Trail Powder Mountain: Finally, here’s …

Sasha number one million

Climbing Squaw Peak – October 22, 2012

Here’s a few photos from our climb of Squaw Peak, 7996 feet, (renamed Ch-Paa-Qn recently) on October 22nd, 2012. Connor Given, Nick Worden and Ozzy, Spencer Goetter and Sasha, and myself did the two-hour hike in a good snow squall, which made this normally easy hike a technical one.   …

Pilot and Co-pilot

Flying from Missoula to Hot Springs, almost

  On October 2nd, Katt and I decided to fly the Cessna 152 up to Hot Springs, Montana to spend the day soaking and relaxing. Renting an airplane is as easy as renting a car, especially if you’re already “checked out” at the FBO (Field-based Operation) and have all the …

caverpilot © Daryl Greaser 2012

Good reasons to come to Montana!

For those of you deliberating about visiting Montana, here, in aerial HD, is a short video by Skyworks that showcases the state’s beauty. WOW! Be sure to share this link with your friends, and make your travel plans now! Besides, there’s a couch with your name on it in Missoula!

2012 Missoula Ski and Snowboard Movie Tour

Here’s this year’s “ski porn” movie calendar in Missoula, Montana! Details, movie trailers and links below! 18 September 2012 – Poor Boyz Productions – WE: A Collection of Individuals – The Wilma 18 September 2012– Stept Productions – The Eighty Six – The Wilma 28 Sept 2012 – Toy Soldier …

Craigslist scores

I love Craigslist! Missoula’s CL is especially robust – there’s dozens of free listings every day, for instance. Katt and I found a one-month apartment sublease this spring for $200 on CL. Check it out: Today I took the U-haul back to Gilly’s and rode my bike back home …