Here are just some of the values that Katt and I live by:


Look for this logo


pitcher too small? Try an in-refrigerator tank!


“corn sugar” is awful for many reasons

Made in the USA! – if you can’t buy it from Americans, buy it from anywhere but China
Recycle everything! – we generate less than one trash bag per MONTH this way!

Drink filtered water, not bottled water! – Nestle, Coke and Pepsi are selling you tapwater! And plastic is horrible for the planet!

No high fructose corn syrup… yuck! – we avoid it everywhere it lurks


NO cell phone use while driving! No calls! NO TEXTING! – if you are okay with texting, you are okay with driving drunk, since studies show texting is far more dangerous than driving drunk!! Eyes on Road, Hands on Wheel, Mind on Driving!

Obey traffic laws! – there’s a reason for them, and driving is by far the most dangerous activity most of us do


Use petroleum sparingly! – walk, ride, or bike your way around town – its free and healthy!! Go Missoula for being so commuter friendly! Pick weeds by hand! Mow with a manual push mower! Shovel snow and rake leaves by HAND! It is good for the planet and good for you!


boycott Wal-Mart!

Boycott Wal-Mart – if you don’t know why this is an awful place to shop, you’re not paying attention. And no, its not really cheaper…. you’re a sucker if you think so, most of their inventory is made in China!


growing food is easy!

Grow and harvest everything you can! – plant tomatoes, herbs, a garden, can food, fish, hunt, and utilize the earth for food! We feel like many health problems are directly related to poor diets!

…lots more to come….

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