My Netflix binges

Here’s a list and brief synopsis of all of the shows I have currently binge-watched on Netflix, in no particular order. If for no other reason, it’s just a log for my own records. Enjoy!

1. Mad Men – about the world of Madison Avenue advertising firms. Set in the 60s and 70s and full of misogyny, sex, and lies. Very entertaining. Shakespeare knew it best.

2. Dexter – about a “good” serial killer who only killed other bad people, and worked as a blood-spatter analysis technician. Very, very good.

3. Breaking Bad – about a school teacher who became a Meth-selling-overlord unbeknownst to his friends and family. Very good.

4. How I met Your Mother – about, well, how how Ted, the narrator, met his kids’ mother. A very well-written sitcom featuring Neil Patrick Harris as a ladies’ man (that’s ironic). Very well written and one of my favorite sitcoms, but it ended badly. Ugk, like so many others.

5. Scrubs – about J.D., the doctor who is learning about life at the same time as learning about medicine. Fantastic sitcom, very very funny, but ended very, very, very badly. Don’t watch the last season; it will kill you. (I didn’t)

6. Portlandia – about a bunch of ridiculous people in Portland, Oregon, played primarily by Fred Armisten and Carrie Brownstein. Very funny, but sadly somewhat responsible for the recent surge of people moving to Portland and the subsequent rent hikes. Very good, very off-the-wall, and a lot of it, very true to the subject. Having lived in P-town for over 3 years, I can attest to this!

7. Arrested Development – about a son who is trying to save the world’s craziest, rich family from themselves. 10 years after the last show Netflix revived it for a season with almost all the same actors, who barely aged. Very funny, and very crazy.

8. Lie to Me – about a specially trained person who is an expert at facial recognition of people lying and is a consultant to the FBI to investigate cases. Crime Drama starring James Woods, very good.

9. Numb3ers – about two brothers, one is an FBI agent and the other is a brilliant mathematician who consults with the FBI about how to use math to solve complex cases. Crime Drama and (mostly) based on real science, a hit for nerds like me.

10. Criminal Minds – about the cases of the FBIs Behavioral Analysis Unit, aka “profilers” who use psychology and a computer genius (Garcia!) to solve mostly serial-murder crimes. Crime Drama, still on TV! Excellent.

11. Hell on Wheels – a period drama about the expansion of the Union Pacific railroad across the Great Plains. Loosely based on actual people and the scandals of the time. Very good.

12. Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey – Carl Sagan’s old show basically re-invented by the world’s most popular astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse-Tyson. Excellent and literally out of this world!!

13. Mission Impossible – original TV series – this is what all of the Tom Cruise movies of the same name are based on, the IMF, “Impossible Missions Force,” whose actions, if they accept their missions, will be “disavowed by the Secretary,” and the instructions for which will “self-destruct in five seconds.” Awesome show, crime drama who uses deceit, illusion, costumes, and sometimes, torture, to find the answers. The cast does not typically kill or engage the enemy (loosely referred to as “eastern” enemies), but rather have the perps kill each other as they flee in the final scene. Excellent, 50-minute episodes that move real slowly compared to today’s fast-paced-everything. Didn’t get through them all before Netflix pulled the series.

14. Star Trek original series – what can I say, green alien hoes and William Shatner punching everyone and everything he can. Based on morals and life issues. Excellent, still watching.

15. Narcos – about the world’s most successful drug dealer, Pablo Escobar. Informative, mostly true to the actual story, and compelling. Thanks to Jackie Blake for reminding me I forgot this one!

Prohibition: A film by Ken Burns

The West: A film by Ken Burns

Click on the name of the show to be linked to the Wikipedia page for more information. Thanks for checking this out; feel free to leave comments below!

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